Have questions about 3D or 4D ultrasounds? Check out the FAQs below to learn more about these ultrasounds and meeting the newest member of your family. You can also book your appointment online.


Sneak Peek 3D & 4D Ultrasounds

An elective ultrasound is a keepsake ultrasound that allows mom, dad, and family to view and bond with the baby before the baby is born. Sneak Peek Ultrasound provides families with an incredible experience to “meet” the new family member through the use of state-of-the-art imaging equipment.

A 2D ultrasound provides essentially a flat outline of the baby’s face, body, and organs. Most people are familiar with 2D ultrasound images as they are the standard technology that has been a part of prenatal medical care for the last 30 years. Images produced are generally not very clear and tend to resemble a simple drawing of the baby. 3D ultrasounds use the same technology but it is applied in a series of directions that produce images capable of showing depth and shadows. 4D ultrasounds are simply 3D ultrasounds with the added dimension of “time.” By taking a number of 3D images in rapid sequence, movement over time is shown and we are able to capture this movement on video. Check out the gallery here for examples.

The ability to bond. Having a 3D ultrasound has been shown to enhance the mother’s ability to bond with the baby. Further, fathers and other family members have been shown to form a greater bond with the baby during pregnancy.

3D/4D ultrasounds are used with the same type and intensity as conventional 2D ultrasounds used by your doctor. Ultrasounds have become a standard part of pregnancy care over the last 30 years and studies have not been shown to cause adverse effects on the mother or the baby.

Doctors And Ultrasounds

Absolutely not. Your doctor’s main concern is the well-being of your baby during pregnancy. Doctors are able to use this tool to diagnose and/or treat medical conditions. Doctors use ultrasounds to check on the baby’s condition and this is an absolutely integral part of your care during pregnancy. This is NOT what Sneak Peek provides. Sneak Peek provides an elective ultrasound and an opportunity for you and your family to “meet” and bond with your baby. This should never replace your doctor visits and we cannot provide services to any client that is not under the care of a physician during pregnancy.

A release form from your doctor is not necessary to have a 3D/4D ultrasound at Sneak Peek. However, we do need you to bring your physician’s contact information including name, address, and phone number. You must, though, be seen by a medical professional for your current pregnancy prior to your ultrasound at Sneak Peek.

Some doctors do have the technology to offer 3D ultrasounds and a number of them do. But, generally doctors allow a limited amount of time for you to enjoy the bonding experience. Many clients we work with have felt rushed due to the nature of the medical profession scheduling appointments every fifteen minutes. To have a memorable experience that mothers, fathers, and even entire families can enjoy, Sneak Peek provides the opportunity to bond with your new family member in an atmosphere that is comfortable and not rushed. Because the goal of our service is enhancing your experience, most clients find this to be a better alternative for their family.

Unfortunately, as of now, insurance companies do not cover our ultrasounds because they are considered “elective” not “diagnostic.” This is true of any elective ultrasound including those at the doctor’s office. We do have a variety of packages to fit most budgets and accept most forms of payment.

Preparing For Your Ultrasound

We recommend making an appointment. However, if there is time available in between appointments, we would love to fit you in! Just give us a call to ensure that time is available.

It depends on the package that you select, usually approximately 15-30 minutes.

You can purchase any package at anytime, but we do recommend you wait until 15-16 weeks for the Gender Sneak Peek. For best results regarding other packages, we recommend anytime after 25-32 weeks.

It can! This does not always mean that your little bundle of joy will be in a position or a mood to guarantee gender determination. If we are unable to determine the baby’s gender due to positioning, we allow you to come back for free!

Yes! This is a joyful, precious, and memorable experience that you are able to share with any number of family and/or friends you would like.

Hydration is a key component in achieving quality ultrasound imagery. Drink LOTS of water! Try to really hydrate about 3-7 days before your session. This makes the amniotic fluid more transparent, which allows for better imaging!

A sugary snack (chocolate, orange juice, etc.) or a small amount of caffeine can help with better images.

*A BMI of 35 or more, causes images to be not as clear.

We promise that if we feel that your little miracle isn’t in the mood for photos and we cannot obtain what your purchased package includes, we will bring you back for a free-of-charge rescan. We will allow one rescan per purchased package. Rescans will be at the tech's discretion and must be scheduled within 4 weeks. After 4 weeks there is a rescan fee of $60.
The 4D packages will be brought back for facial photos if they cannot be obtained. The gender packages will be brought back if we cannot determine the gender.
*A BMI of 35 or more, causes images to be not as clear.