Meeting your precious baby for the first time should be a memorable experience. Sneak Peek offers multiple package options to make the experience last a lifetime.



Enjoy the experience of meeting your baby as early as 15 Weeks with 3D and 4D ultrasounds at Sneak Peek

At Sneak Peek, we understand just how important and precious the moment you meet your baby is. We’re dedicated to making 3D and 4D ultrasounds all about you, your baby, and creating memories that will last your entire life.

Moms and dads deserve the opportunity to maximize these precious moments during pregnancy. With our packages, you can celebrate the beautiful life of your child earlier by seeing them in real-time motion.

boy or girl?

find out in 2 days with sneakpeek clinical early gender dna test!

– Starting at 8 weeks into pregnancy
– 99.1% accurate DNA-based blood test
– Administered by phlebotomy professional
– Results emailed straight to you in 2 days
– Starting at $129 (upgrade for $20 and get your results the next day!)

Learn more:
Early Clinical Baby Gender Blood Test
Pregnancy Calculator


Mini Peek

  • 12-15 Weeks Gestation
  • Available Monday-Friday
  • 10 Minutes in 2D
  • 3 Black & White Prints
  • No Gender Reveal

Gender Sneak Peek

  • 15-25 Weeks Gestation
  • 10-15 Minute Session in 2D/3D/4D
  • Gender Reveal
  • 5 Black & White Prints
  • $20 Off Future Visit

3D/4D Pricing

Peek A Boo Baby

  • 28-35 Weeks Gestation
  • 20 Minute Session in 2D/3D/4D
  • 2 Color Prints
  • 6 Black & White Prints
  • *Rescans are NOT offered with this package

Miracle Peek

  • 28-35 Weeks Gestation
  • 20 Minute Session in 2D/3D/4D
  • Recording of Session on DVD Set to Music
  • 3 Color Prints
  • 6 Black & White Prints

Memorable Peek

  • Free HeartBeat Bear
  • 30 Minute Session in 2D/3D/4D
  • Recording of Session on DVD Set to Music
  • 4 Color Prints
  • 7 Black & White Prints
  • CD With All 3D Images From Session

Double Peek

  • Free HeartBeat Bear
  • Session 1 (20-28 Weeks)
  • Session 2 (28-35 Weeks)
  • 8 Color Prints
  • 10 Black & White Prints
  • Recording of Session on DVD Set to Music
  • CD With All 3D Images From BOTH Sessions

Add Ons for Ultrasounds

The experience of meeting your baby for the first time truly is precious. You won’t want to miss a moment of it and you’ll cherish the ultrasounds for the rest of your life. To enhance the experience, make it even more memorable, and to help you share it with those you love, we provide add ons for all of our packages.

CD With 15+ Images: $30

DVD Recording of Session Set to Music: $30


10 Scratch Off Cards: $20

Black & White Print: $3

Color Print: $5

3D Ultrasounds and 4D Ultrasounds FAQs

When should I make my appointment if I’m expecting twins?
While most scans can be done successfully between 15 and 21 weeks, scans for twins should be done between 20 and 28 weeks.
My friend and I are both pregnant. Are we eligible for any discounts?
Yes! Are you and a friend pregnant? Take advantage of our bring-a-friend discount. Schedule your sessions together and you will each receive $10 off of any package. (One discount per visit. Discounts may not be combined.)
Do you offer discounts for police, firefighters, and military?
Yes! Show us your ID and receive $10 off any package. Thank you for your service to our country! (One discount per visit. Discounts may not be combined.)
Can a Sneak Peek ultrasound replace a complete diagnostic ultrasound?
No! During the elective prenatal ultrasound session, we will be conducting a limited diagnostic scan to confirm heartbeat, the number of babies, the position of the baby/babies, and the placental location. Please note, at no time is this exam to be used in place of a complete diagnostic ultrasound.
Can I come to precious peek before I see a healthcare provider?
No, you must be seen by a medical professional for your current pregnancy prior to your ultrasound. Women seeking an elective prenatal ultrasound with Sneak Peek must already be receiving treatment with a healthcare provider for the prenatal care and have already undergone a medical, diagnostic ultrasound ordered by the provider to confirm their due date, screen for fetal anomalies, and to look for any other pregnancy related issues. You do not need a physician release form for an ultrasound at Sneak Peek; however, you must provide your physician’s contact information including name, address, and phone number. 

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